Your Website Under One Roof

Everything about your small business is important, including it’s online presence. If you’re an Iowa small business owner juggling overseeing the daily operations of your business and employees, adding on the maintenance and updating of your website and social networks can be a chore.

While some Iowa web design companies merely design your site and collect a check, our objective is to be a continued, valuable resource to our valued customers. That’s why we’re proud to offer a variety of services designed to keep you focused on your offline business growth while we handle keeping you relevant online – with as much guidance you’d like to provide.

If you’re interested in a fully hands off approach to your Iowa business website, we offer an affordable umbrella plan that includes both a recommended web hosting plan and continued maintenance and minor adjustments for a monthly subscription fee. Users that take advantage of this offer will receive discounted pricing for the cost of designing their small business web site from scratch.

While the service is aimed at small businesses, individuals interested in blogging or having a personal web site without the hassle of dealing with the maintenance are also able to take advantage of this package.

How Does It Work?

Step 1.) Buy a recommended hosting plan from our available web hosting options. You’ll be billed at intervals per the hosting package chosen.

Step 2.) We’ll design your web site with your guidance and keep you in the loop on the progression. Some small business owners prefer providing lots of guidance and others just tell us to do our thing. You’ll be invoiced a one time cost for the design of the site.

Step 3.) Contact us to setup web site maintenance subscription. As an existing hosting customer and website design client, we’ll be able to provide both server administration and webmaster services. While we’re based in central Iowa, we offer these services worldwide. You’ll be billed monthly for webmaster services.

Please Note: You will be invoiced separately for the web hosting and the webmaster services as our web consulting accounting software does not interface with our web hosting administration system.

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